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Bloomberg Training

Bloomberg is a key informational, analytical and market intelligence software package used by hundreds of thousands of financial market participants and has a very broad range of functions and services that can be accessed through the desktop. Although Bloomberg has its own training courses, TTC provides training in using Bloomberg for specific industry uses particularly for those new joiners to the industry who expect to work in Sell side/Buy side activities, Analytical work, Portfolio management, Risk management and Trading. Our objective is to enhance the user’s understanding of Bloomberg for particular roles in the industry and this can provide new joiners and early career participants with valuable skills before, or soon after, they enter the corporate world.

Bloomberg Training Courses

TTC Bloomberg training follows a structured approach so that candidates gain a solid grounding in the use of Bloomberg which enables them to work through the software at their own pace. With additional guidance from us on more complex areas like strategy back-testing, portfolio optimization, risk assessments and financial analysis, we help market participants to encompass the full range of opportunities available.

TTC offers two core training courses along with several specialist courses:

Core Bloomberg Courses

Bloomberg Functions and Key Areas – An Introductory and Intermediate level course

Bloomberg Users Guide – Sell side/Buy side, Analyst, Portfolio manager and Trader


Specialised and Advanced Bloomberg Courses

Strategy Back-Testing

Trading Instrument Analysis Techniques

Portfolio Creation and Optimization


Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Financial Analysis