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Market Insight

TTC offers a Market Insight research service for companies and individuals who seek to outsource their research work or have specific informational requirements that they want to explore in more depth or are having difficulty in finding and assessing. TTC Market Insight offers a range of administrative and reporting services that are designed to provide detailed information, written reports, presentations and projects designs in matters related to global financial markets.

Market Intelligence

Examples of some of the Intelligence that Market Insight has provided to clients include the following:

  • Regulatory and legal implications and procedures for starting a hedge fund in the UK
  • Identification of key business sub-sectors in the transportation sector that outperform in periods of early economic expansion
  • Identification and suitability assessment of risk management software for a small brokerage
  • Strategy assessment for an options trader through back-testing and risk assessment
  • Rare event monitoring and anticipation assessment for a compliance team


The TTC Market Insight service provides carefully prepared intelligence on financial markets activities and seeks to provide insight into specialised areas of interest.

Knowledge Bites (K-Bites)

TTC also provides short ‘Knowledge bites’ whereby if you have certain specific single-fact financial markets information you need but are unsure where to find it, or how to use it, we can provide you with a 5-minute phone call to explain the information or show you where to find it. All you need to do is to alert us via email to your requirements and we set a time to deliver the information to you. We have an average turnaround time of 37 minutes.

The service costs £40 (Incl. of VAT) per ‘Knowledge Bite’. If we feel we haven’t got the answer or have limited resources available to find the answer we will let you know but most of the time we are able to help. We don’t offer to provide any information regarding potential investments or advice on investments as we are not regulated to do so. However, here are some examples of what we have provided in the way of ‘Knowledge Bites recently:

  • Where can I find information on Russian telecommunications stocks and the dividends they pay?
  • How do I find and download financial data from Bloomberg?
  • How do the intermarket relationships between bonds, commodities and stocks work?
  • Which stock brokerage companies in Norwich are recruiting?
  • Please explain the ‘triple witching’ event in the markets and what its significance is

Contact to learn more about our remote ‘Knowledge Bites’ service.