At TTC we encourage past, and current, attendees of our courses to keep in touch. We understand that life is busy so we make it easy for you to keep in touch. We automatically add you to our Alumni group and encourage you to access our website to find out more about our further education courses and those that provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD). With your permission, we will send occasional emails to you to let you know what discounts and promotions we may be offering.

We often provide our Alumni with discounted services and courses and also provide a link with other alumni via our blog. We have Facebook and Twitter feeds that keep you in touch and attend several conferences and functions each year where our alumni can meet us and explore new opportunities.


We often provide our Alumni with discounted services and courses. The current discounts for courses for all Alumni students is 20% and this covers the bootcamps and the executive educational courses. We also have discounts we can provide on books and literature of various kinds so please contact us for information.