Building skills in Business, Fintech and Finance

TTC Institute’s University Campus-based and Virtual Trading labs provide industry-focused training environments that utilise specific Financial Platforms and software in order to provide students with real-world experience of Professional working practices…

Students, faculty and PhD’s derive huge benefits from accessing these services and are encouraged to undertake the TTC Institute Programmes and to explore the Financial Platforms in order to develop useful Industry-related skills. 

We provide specialist education and training for platforms including Bloomberg, Refinitive Workspace, TT Platform, Capital IQ and others. We run a series of 3-semester taught programmes in trading, analytics, risk management, portfolio management, data science and Fintech to Post graduate and Undergraduate students. These programmes are jointly certified by TTC Institute and the host Universities and run alongside the curriculums of MSc and BSc programmes in Finance, Management, Accounting, Market Analytics and other core disciplines. TTC Institute also supports faculty with skills and knowledge development that they can translate into their classes and research. This includes data extraction techniques, data analysis and case studies for use in the classes.