Equality & Diversity

11th July 2022

Policy Statement

The TTC Institute recognises that providing equality of opportunity, valuing diversity, and promoting a culture of inclusion are vital to our success.

 We want our staff and students to reflect the diversity of the regional, national, and international communities that we serve and influence. We aim to be a place where people can be free to be themselves no matter what their identity or background.

By creating a working, learning and social environment in which individuals can utilise their skills and talents to the full without fear of prejudice or harassment, we aim to create a culture where everyone can reach their fullest potential.

We will ensure that equality is embedded in all of our activities, policies and decisions and will work with our partners to share good practice. Key to this is our commitment to implementing a programme of activity to progress our equality aims and objectives.


This policy applies to all current and potential students and staff working at the Institute on a paid or voluntary basis, external examiners, consultants, and visitors or contractors who visit our premises. It covers discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and/or belief, sex or sexual orientation as set out in the Equality Act (2010).


The institute undertakes to conduct comprehensive and effective monitoring of all aspects of staffing and the learner population. The Institute is committed to the collection of statistics, analysis of data and presentation of data, as well as monitoring on an ongoing basis and as policies and practices change, including Gender Pay Gap reporting, student and staff welfare and any associated requirements.

The main forms of monitoring used by the institute will be the composition of reports based on the existing workforce, governing body and learner population, the recruitment processes, learner retention and achievement with reference to ethnicity, age, disability, and gender.

Student Welfare Monitoring

All students will be monitored with regard to their welfare in relation to TTC Institute activities and any issues will be dealt with on an ongoing basis according to the Student Welfare Plan. 


Equality and diversity training will be provided to all staff as part of the induction process, including mandatory completion of the on-line Equality and Diversity Essentials modules. Specific training will also be provided for throughout the year on different aspects of equality and diversity as appropriate.


This policy will be reviewed on every six months in accordance with legislative developments and the need for good practice.