TTC also has a range of Executive education courses and Advanced Professional Diplomas which are taught remotely and in the classroom and which feature detailed knowledge and strategy selections for the given markets. The Advanced Professional Diplomas are Postgraduate level and require up to 300 Hours of study.

The courses and programmes are split into the following groups:

Beginner-Level Finance Courses

TTC 001                  Understanding Financial Markets

TTC 002                  Technical Analysis for Beginners

TTC 003                  Traded Products and their Characteristics

TTC 004                  Financial Markets Institutions and Practices

TTC 005                  Identifying and Understanding Financial and Economic Statistics 

Intermediate and Advanced-Level Trading Courses

TTC 101                  Equity Markets and Stock Indices Trading

TTC 102                  Equity and Index Options Trading

TTC 103                  Foreign Exchange Trading

TTC 104                  Energy and Power Trading

TTC 105                  Soft Commodities and Agricultural Futures Trading

Advanced Professional Diplomas

TTC 201                  ICE/TTC Energy Markets

TTC 202                  Computational Finance

TTC 203                  Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading

TTC 204                  TTC Commodity Futures Trading Certificate

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