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Programme Summary

Technical analysis is an important part of financial markets and trading. In this Module we look at specific technical indicators and the ways in which traders use them. We explore the various techniques for recognising and trading markets events, volatility and range-bound markets. We also look at how to interpret breakouts, momentum-trading opportunities and volatility trades. ¬†[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Our objective is:

  • To bring you up to speed on the use of technical indicators and associated trading techniques
  • To explain the difference between stochastic oscillators, moving averages and volume statistics
  • To show examples of each technique while students work on the trading software and practice those techniques

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Part 1 – Patterns in Market price data

  • How is price and trade data provided by the exchange?
  • Millisecond trading data and how to interpret it
  • The range of order types that are available
  • Market conditions; Trends, Fast markets and Volatility

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Part 2 – Overbought and Oversold indicators

  • The Relative strength Indicator (RSI)
  • Stochastic Oscillators and Overbought/Oversold indicators
  • Bollinger Bands and Standard Deviation

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Part 3 Moving Averages, MACD and VWAP

  • Why we use moving averages and their importance in identifying trends
  • Interpretations of price oscillation using MACD
  • Broker use of Volume Weighted Average Prices (VWAP)
  • Candlestick formations
  • Market Profile and Bloomberg MKTP

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