TTC institute is looking forward to running the math bootcamp in partnership with Stuart School of Business.


Contact Amanda Kemp [email protected] to find out more.

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Math Bootcamp!


Welcome to the Summer 2023 Math Bootcamp!The Math Bootcamp aims to provide incoming students with a refresher of base level knowledge in algebra, calculus, statistics, and probability, to help expand students’ gain from their Stuart School academic program. It also introduces Python and builds useful skills in coding and analysis related to mathematics. 

The Math Bootcamp will be taught online and consists of seven weekly lectures on Mondays on topics in mathematics that may be used in some graduate business and finance courses. 

Students will be provided with problem sets to complete each week in preparation for an additional weekly session held on Thursdays, where one of the professors will work through selected problems to demonstrate various techniques and reinforce important intuitions.

Developing math skills related to business are very important for all finance and business professionals and competency is expected at many levels. The bootcamp surveys the mathematics you will be expected to know, and is an opportunity to self-assess your skill set, review and brush up areas you may be lacking, and learn about how these skills are applied in the industry.

Completion of the problem sets each week will enable you to achieve a number of verified skills awards which are useful to demonstrate competency and to provide evidence of achievement in discussions with potential employers. By completing each of the problem sets you will receive a certified award showing that you have graduated from the bootcamp. 

We look forward to working with you in the bootcamp!

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