We take great pride in our partnerships and admire the work that each partner does. We partner with organisations that share common goals and aspirations and work to provide the best support we can.

We believe that our mutually rewarding partnerships combine complementary skills, resources, and expertise which add to the overall capabilities of all concerned. We are keen to establish new partnerships and to continue to explore the opportunities within our current partnership groups.  

Queen Mary Banking & Finance Society

TTC Institute are delighted to partner with Queen Mary Banking & Finance Society (Instagram, Website, SU page & Linkedin) TTC have been working with their members in our finance and financial markets programmes.  And have awarded TTC Scholarship to its members in a unique programme in banking and finance.



Illinois Tech – Stuart School of Business

TTC Institute runs the Maths Bootcamp and Business Skills bootcamp in partnership with Stuart School of Business.


Maths Bootcamp aims to provide incoming students with a refresher of base level knowledge in algebra, calculus, statistics, and probability, to help expand students’ gain from their Stuart School academic program. It also introduces Python and builds useful skills in coding and analysis related to mathematics.


Business Skills Bootcamp highlights eight important business-related skills that everyone should know and practice in order to become successful. It starts with organising your life, explains why health is the basis for successful work, how to plan effectively, how to write excellent reports, how to present your point effectively in public, why creativity is important and why we should collaborate.