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TTC Life ForceBoosting personal Resilience, Psychological Wellbeing and Flexibility.

TTC LIFE FORCE Programme: Completing your studies and beginning your career at the same time can be demanding and stressful and it is important to maintain health and mental wellbeing during this time, especially when personal performance is key. 

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TTC Life Force Programme Enhance resilience, flexibility and wellbeing among your workforce.


Poor mental health increasingly impacts people’s quality of life, and it affects no segment as much as young professionals as these numbers of 2021 indicate. Many finance companies and banks are aware of the stresses that their workforce are under and have developed ways to help their employees to cope mentally and physically with the difficult times that they face with COVID-19 disruption, hybrid-working from home conditions and the constant changes in the industry.

Our objective:

In this Module we help you to identify the optimal place of inner balance and resilience from which to manage and master your emotional health, stressful situations, expectations, heavy workload, and the beginning of your career. The module describes some of the recent concepts linked to wellbeing and mental health and opens up the opportunity for you to explore these in more depth.

TTC Institute has created a new LIFE FORCE programme that helps attendees to develop personal resilience, psychological wellbeing and mental flexibility, and to understand the stresses they are under and how to cope with them

TTC’s preventative programme

Empowers employees to thrive in the workplace by strengthening their inner balance and increasing their resilience to negative stress

“While it isn’t possible to stop all mental ill-health from developing, many mental health problems can be prevented with the right approach”

“Thank you so much for arranging such an enlightening and helpful session. It has provided us with practical strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.”

Student – Kings Business School 2021

The LIFE FORCE Programme explores

  • How to recognise and manage excessive stress
  • Our relationship to thoughts and feelings and how to regulate Mental ‘chatter’
  • How anxiety and low mood can be averted
  • How to break down “overwhelm”
  • The interaction between body and mind
  • Identifying what truly matters, and act accordingly
  • Mindset as a powerful game changer
  • Perfectionism: virtue or vice?
  • The prime role of awareness in any change
  • Utilising the body – and especially the breath – to influence the mind and vice versa
  • Ways to enhance focus, productivity and motivation

The LIFE FORCE Programme Enhances individual wellbeing

We achieve this by:

• cultivating awareness
• recognising choices
• applying acceptance
• evolving authenticity
• asserting personal agency
• learning practical techniques
• understanding the science behind it
• embedding it by creating effective habits

Core principles of the programme:

  • Awareness, an important key to change
  • Breath as remote control to influence states of wellbeing
  • Is it in your control? if not, accept the situation
  • Interoception
  • The importance of grounding
  • The power of mindsets in change
  • Keep your body budget in balance
  • Know what matters, and act accordingly
  • There where your focus goes, your energy flows
  • Be your own best friend, rather than your worst enemy
  • Look at thoughts instead of living in them
  • Optimise available bandwidth

Does it serve me? Is it in my control?

LIFE FORCE Programme modules are experiential; techniques and skills are practiced with hands-on exercises that can be applied straightaway

“[The modules] were very interesting and stimulating. They helped me quite a bit in managing and controlling my stress levels. I would advise others to take the programme as well as it was very helpful. Anneleen showed us different perspectives and ways to calm ourselves and stay in control. I liked her as a teacher very much as she made sure we were all on the same page.” - Student – Kings Business School 2022

“The breathing will seamlessly bring you back to the natural mental and emotional flexibility you had as a child, but with the direction and purpose you have as an adult.” – Dr. Gerbarg / Dr. Brown

The LIFE FORCE Programme uniquely incorporates simple breathing techniques that can have life-changing effects

Life Force Programme
Mental Health and WellbeingLive Classroom (Max 30)Live Online (Max 250)On-Demand
Module 12 Credits2 Credits1 Credits
Module 22 Credits2 Credits1 Credits
Module 32 Credits2 Credits1 Credits
Module 43 Credits3 Credits2 Credits
Module 53 Credits3 Credits2 Credits
Credit PackagesVAT Inclusive
1 Credit£375£375
5 Credits£1875£150£1725
7 Credits£2625£265£2360
10 Credits£3750£450£3300
20 Credits£7500£1125£6375
25 Credits£9375£1640£7735
30 Credits£11250£2250£9000

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TTC Life ForceModules 

There are five Modules that make up the Life Force programme. If you would like more information about the course content and would like to speak to a member of our Team please use the link below to contact us.