TTC Market Intelligence Series

There is so much going in the markets at the moment with the events related to COVID-19 that the situation presents a unique learning opportunity. We hold regular 30-minute market updates over the next few weeks as well as 40 minute specialist subject classes so that we can discuss the main topics of the day and gain some insights into what is happening.

We began our series in April 2020 and are continuing them into 2022.

These 30-minute Market Update classes and 40- minute Specialist subject classes are designed to give you insights into the way the markets are behaving, which asset classes are moving and why, political and government initiatives and where the stresses lie in the financial system.

Recent schedule

  • Special: Bond Market – Are we heading for another credit crisis?
  • Market Update 3
  • Special: Oil Markets – Conflict Resolution
  • Market Update 4
  • Special: CoronaBonds – European Troubles
  • Special: Equities: Where is the income?
  • Market Update 5           
  • Special: Securitization – Risky Business
  • Market Update 6
  • Special: Global Inflation – Likely or not? 

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